Most of people are jubilant every Friday comes; because they will be free from the tired routine. Holiday on a trip is considered as the best way to get your positive mood comes back. If you are a person that feels usual things are boring and fall in love with surreal and mysterious one here are best places to travel in the world that should be written on your best places to go list.

1. Lake Hillier, Australia

What makes it different from other lake is that its color is pink. A lake that is located in the middle island of Australia is a saline lake. It is divided from Southern ocean by a long thin shore. The existence of the organism Dunaliella salina is the cause of the pink color.

Lake Hillier Australia

2. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Have not yet moved on from water, here is one more unique lake in Tanzania that contains salt and soda. The pH level can reach 10, 5 that can burn skin, and become animal killer, moreover the temperature can increase to 60c. Its name is taken from sodium carbonate decahydrate, a formula that has capability on preserve a mummy. The only animal that survives on its surface is a kind of fish named alkaline tilapia.

Lake Natron Tanzania

3. Dallol, Ethiopia

When saw the picture of Dallol, most people will say it had been photoshoped, some will comment it is just like sci-fi movie. Those astonishing appearance was formed by the intrusion of balsatic magma into miocene salt deposits and subsequent hydrotermal activity. The pH values in that lake is less than 1. Sulfur, and zinc content make the bright green and yellow color of the acid lake. It consists of hot water source, sulfur hill, salt and geyser which sometimes squirt gas.

Dallol Ethiopia

4. Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

Located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, the east of Java province, Indonesia, this crater is the most wanted location for the mountain climbers. In this place, they will get to see a beautiful scenery and the rare flower, edelweiss, which is protected by the governor. Having sulfur, this blue and acidic crater makes everyone who inhales will be poisoned.

Kawah Ijen Indonesia

5. Devil’s Pool, Zambia

This pool is extremely dangerous. This pool is right in the top of a waterfall with 360 feet tall. At least a person die in this place every year.

Devil’s Pool Zambia

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

People said this is the largest salt flat in the world. It is 10. 582 large and located between Potosi and Oruro, near the top of the Andes mountain range. It is also the largest natural mirror in the world that formed by some ancient lakes 30.000 years ago. This amazing place will ever be dry. You will feel like walking on the surface of water on this salt flat, because it has reftection of the blue sky that seemed like a lake.

turist-enjoing-photo Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

These are the best unique place in the world to travel. With the conditions and situations of every place, you should always be careful to visit these places. Make a good preparation before you decide to go there.

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