Are you still confused to decide your holiday destination this year? Maybe travel to Costa Rica is the answer. Costa Rica is one of the countries in the world that you must visit especially for those of you who love nature tourism and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, just like the other countries that there is a certain time that become the best time to visit this country. Therefore let’s take a look at the beauty of Costa Rica and when to travel to Costa Rica.

Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the countries located in Central America bordering Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This country is known as one of the largest coffee producing countries in America.

Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the heavens for tourists who love natural attractions that are still natural without any intervention from the modern world. In Costa Rica, you can do a variety of interesting activities because this country has a very strong culture which maintained by the people in this country, furthermore, this country has a variety of beaches where the atmosphere and scenery will amaze you. Here are some of the tourist destinations that you must visit while in Costa Rica:

  • Amazing various beaches

Costa Rica has about 300 beaches where most of all the beaches are available for tourist. The diversity of the beaches because the Costa Rica has most of the coastal areas that reach 1000 miles. Here are some beaches you can visit such as Manuel Antonio, Puerto Viejo, Mal Paris, Tamarindo and Playa Avellana. One more thing you know before you visit the coast in this country, for those of you who have a hobby of surfing do not forget to bring your surfboard because the beach’s wave in this country is perfect for the surfers.

  • Flora and Fauna

Is one of the attractions that you must visit because of the diversity of the species. Costa Rica devotes 25% of the total territory of the country  to make a  conservation. If you are willing to see the flora and fauna of this country then you can visit two conservatory parks. First, you can visit Corcovado National Park which has four species of the world’s rarest monkeys such as capuchin white head monkey, mantle nowler monkey, geoffroy spider monkey and squirrel monkey. Besides Corcovado National Park, you can visit Tortuguero National Park. When you visit Tortoguero, you will be greeted by a very melodious bird chirp because in this park there are 320 species of birds and you can see a rare and endangered turtle species.

  • Culinary Tour

Is one of the tourism activities that you must do when you are travelling to the new area or country. In this case, when you visit Costa Rica then you will find a variety of typical foods that generally consist of rice and beans. The first special food is Gallo pinto, which consists of rice mixed with black beans, then served together with other side dishes such as eggs and fried bananas that topped with sour cream. Next special food is Arroz con leche which is a unique blend of rice porridge mixed with milk and sugar to produce savory, creamy and sweet taste.

Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica

When to travel to Costa Rica?, the best time to visit this country is between late November and April. At that time, Costa Rica is in a warm and not too hot season. But if you want to try another atmosphere in Costa Rica then you can visit this country between May to early November where the country is in the rainy season. Although in the rainy season most of the rural roads turn into mud and barren land becomes green and filled with flowers that is blooming. So, once you know the best time to visit Costa Rica of course you are interested to visit this country as soon as possible, don’t you ?, because Costa Rica is a simple country with a million of its beauty.

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