Do you ever dream to travel to abroad? Can you imagine how happy you are if you stay in another country and find the spectacular things? For some of you who never go to abroad and only dream about this dream, you may ask the questions about how to travel the world for a year and where should I travel next if I have a chance. I think you will feel wonderful and glad if you have chance for traveling to some famous countries in this world. Then, you may be proud of yourself that you can reach your dream. It is not a short time if you want to travel for a year, you have to prepare things before traveling, you have to think about the goods that you need later and you have to choose the best place which makes you comfortable.

The preparation before traveling

It is not easy to prepare your travelling stuffs. There are so many things that you need to prepare and arrange before going abroad. Here, I will tell you the tips for your travelling.

  1. You need to complete the documents, such as VISA, passport, ATM card and any other documents needed. You have to go to the immigration office for making the passport and visa. You need to make the traveler visa for a year so you will not need to extend it after 3 months. Then, it is as important as visa and passport, ATM card is so useful. You need to go to a bank which can make the ATM card which can be used in some ATM machine in the countries of your destination. It helps you to take more money if you needed and you can ask your family in your hometown if you lack of money there. So, your family can transfer through your bank account.
  2. It is also important to bring cash money. You need to prepare and go to money changer for change the currency according to your destination. You will need your cash money for in other situation.
  3. It is better if you choose the flight which offer more discounts. So, you will save your money and you can use your money for paying another thing.
  4. It is so good if you already choose the locations that you want to visit. You can start to browse and decide which part of the world that you want to visit. So, you will automatically decide kinds of transportation and places for staying which are available there.
  5. The last tips that i want to share is really important. You can do the part time job or freelance job in another country, such as: waiter, cashier, shopkeeper and so on. It will be useful for increasing your pocket money for playing and going to other countries.

Where should I travel next

If you never went abroad before, it is better to go to the countries which are not too far with your hometown. Asia is the best choice for the new by. You can get and found something unique there. You can save your money because some of things, home stay and foods are cheaper than other. You can visit Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hongkong, Korea, and other countries in Asia. You can visit some wonderful sight that you can see in a map. You will find some delicious foods there. You can meet to a lot of friendly and kind people there. Then, you will not be confused about how to travel the world for a year and where should I travel next.

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