The most frequent question among the travelers is about cost budgeting for solo round to the world trip. This also makes some people wonder about how to travel the world for a year. While understanding about how you can pay for all of tip list related with that question, the actual cost or travel the world for a year is big unknown. Some expert might say that they had no idea how much round the world trip would cost. Some people might spend about $10.000 which seemed extremely low when the other might spend over than $40000 to get a bit luxury trop. So, you can consider a round the world trip as your great adventure in your life.

We all know that the hardest part of round the world trip is figuring out the cost. This is become your huge mountain that you should climb, but this is does not meant impossible. There are some tips to save your money for you upcoming plan to get around the world trip.

The first thing, you need to figure out exactly how much you need to save. How much it would cost for around the world trip. So, let’s check them:

You can create the saving plan by following these steps:
  • Assessment

You can compare your trip plan with your actual financial situation. Whether this is feasible or your dream might too big? Make a decision is hard, but after you get general idea of your trip overall cost, you will able to define what cost that you need.

  • Setting your goals

Your saving plan shall be included of some short-term and some long-term. You can list you goals in specific amount and do not shy to shoot high as well. But, it does not too high to kill your enthusiasm for your great trip.

  • Make a plan

Your saving plan should explain how you will establish your goals. This is can be done by removing the unnecessary cost and plan your strict budget or you can add some additional income to accomplish your goal.

  • Implementation by taking your plan in motion and keep it.

You should do monitoring and reassessment, this is because as the time passes, your plan will grow along with your spending habit charge, you can see your progress in every month and check your budget for possible adjustment as well.

When you decide to get solo trip, the most frequent question is about are you will feel lonely during the trip? This is becoming natural assumption that across our mind when decide to go solo. You cannot think that go solo means that you will lonely, because you will meet many people during your great trip. The nature of travel was that it intensifies the human experiences and transcending social rule that will apply at home. You can meet with great group and spend day together with talking, sharing meals and exploring as well.

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