If March come like a lion and go out like the lamb, so April become the spring’s true awakening. This is also make some people crates a plan about where to travel in April and finding favorite place to go in April. All of month-long, the weather getting warmer, the sun also shines brighter, the grass also getting greener, while in some states this is also become the best home for the most beautiful bloom of the year as well.

However, you might hear that April showers bring the May flowers, but do not make this thing stop your trip plan on April. You can check for some spots and become your unforgettable event along with best destinations which perfect for your fun spring gateway in April as well. On Japan especially on Kyoto, celebrating short brief but truly beautiful from cherry blossom season on April and this is only last for two weeks, the landscape is getting glow in pinks shade. So, this is can be your one reference, but there are some spots that you can go on April for your best recommendation:

  • Paris

Who do not love Paris in springtime? Or at any time, Paris is always a good idea to spend your holiday on April. However, when you go on April, the city will get warmer. The trees which surrounding the Tuileries were in blossom and new greenery season. You can enjoy under the spring sunshine and take off your good coats to sit out beside Canal Saint Marton. You are also able to walk in golden evening along the Seine and create a great memory with your spouse.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

The allure for Hans Christian Andersen city was irresistible which come from May to October. April in contrast also marking the tail end from Scandinavia’s brisk spring and make Copenhagen as one of the world’s cheapest place to go on April. You can take advantage the low season rates in another treat: you can enjoy the seasonal reopening in Tivoli Garden as one of the Europe’s oldest amusement park.

  • Marrakech

In fact, Marrakech is not hot all year around. Yes, it is in Africa that closer with Sahara but when winter it can be so cold and slight brighter than Manchester. The best recommendation is you can wait until spring as the best time to visit Morocco. When it starts getting warmer, at least you are able to swim around your pool. The hillside also full of almond blossom and the city getting alive with vary colors along with the beautiful sunlight.

  • Namibia

As the coats of Namibia had been practically no rain and over than 300 days for sunshine a year, you might feel hard pushed to get the decent season as well. This is welcoming and stable, large and mostly uninhabited as well. This place also beautiful on April which moderate 24˚C by the day. You can go at Estosha national park that packed you with wildlife adventure and there are available camp spots to stay at.

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