Do you want to travel? But, Are you worried if there is no companion? Well, you can join solo travel groups if you really want to travel but you have no friends. Well, here we are going to discuss about solo travel groups. Solo travel groups are a group which consists of group of people who want to do solo travel with no friend and family that they know before. So, they can do travel with new friends who join to that group and can find new experience with them.

What is solo travel group?

Do you know about solo travel group? Do you ever join that group? Well, as I said before that solo travel group is a group which have single traveler as its member. People who are alone and have no companions for travelling might be chosen to join solo travel group. They can make new friend and choose the group based on their ideal categories. Then, these groups usually guarantee that the member must have the similar interest to others. So, it would be great to choose the destination which match to all of the members.

What do you need as a solo traveler?

As a solo or single traveler you need to prepare more things before travelling. You just go alone with no relative and family beside you, so you have to prepare anything you need for yourself.

  1. Don’t bring too much goods or stuffs. You go alone and it will be so difficult to bring a lot of things with nobody help. So, it is better to bring only things that you need so much. For example, you can bring some t-shirt with only one or 2 jeans would be better.
  2. You have to prepare your own medicine. On your solo travel groups, there is nobody who know the medicine that you usually take. It is good to prepare and bring your medicine to keep your body healthy and reduce the risk on your journey.
  3. Put your cash money in some pockets. You will go and walk around with nobody you know before. Of course, you don’t know their characteristic before. Then, it is a must to save your money into some pockets not only in your wallet. You can put your money in your wallet, in the pocket of your jeans, your jacket, or put the money in the middle of your book that you bring. It can reduce the risk of losing all of money that you bring.
  4. Being friendly to others is a must. You don’t have family who stay around you. So, it would be nice if you want to make friend with others. They might be helpful in some cases.
  5. Choose the best solo travel groups. You have to be careful in choosing the group which is ideal and match to your taste. If you are a young, you can choose the group who consist of young people. Then, if you are elder, you can choose the group who consist of old people and it is better to choose the group which offer guide who is more patient.

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