September is a least expected travel month because the summer holiday already end back on August, making it the make-up month for those left-behind piles of work. It marks the end of peak season, but for some people, September is the most ideal month to take a vacation due to lesser crowd on that month. You can experience the full advantage of popular destinations all around the world.

Reasons why people choose september to travel

Here are some reasons why some people tend to travel in that particular month rather than the other time of the year.

  1. Back-to-school savings

While September offer less traffic, it also can give some other advantage such as cheaper flight price compared with other more crowded months. For examples, in US, especially in Dallas, Boston, LA, and Chicago, have more fair travel prices for September. Some destinations and travel agents even offer discounts on this particular month.

  1. Less crowded

Summer is widely known as the peak season of holiday, so it will be exhausting to travel at summer, moreover in dense continent such as Europe. So some people tend to avoid traffic by travelling in September, the very end of the heat season.

  1. Low lodging rates

During September, luxury hotels and resorts often offer a great deal of discounts. Not to mention the mild weather in September, which make the offer more tempting. The combination of great place and wonderful time, will give you a perfect honeymoon.

  1. Mild weather

Although in some places, especially southern part of US, September is a hurricane season, the weather is still less humid and much colder than summer. But in some other places as Europe and Northern US, September is a fairly warm and mild time.

Where to Travel?

After you know the main four reason why people choose September to take their holiday on, it is necessary to know where are the ideal places to travel in September. Which are:

  1. Portland, Maine

The summer crowds are departed from this place, resulting in silent, charming, Maine in Portland. Even more, the lodging rates drop greatly after the Labor Day. Not to mention, mild, warm, and nice weather for the rest of this month. Such a perfect time to try various local cuisines here, even an exotic dessert, lobster ice cream.


  1. Rome, Italy

Rome is not only great at spring and peak of summer, but also in the edge of the heat season, September. It holds a magnificent sight in autumn, when there is no hordes of people cramming all over the city. With many shopping districts, best signature cuisines all along the streets, and many historical sites inside the city, make this city as one of the ideal destinations of honeymoon.


  1. Paris, France

There is no bad season to visit this lovely city, but it’s been famous that Paris has less visitor at the end of August, there are not much shops open due to French’s annual holiday. Paris is another must-visit honeymoon destination, a great place for food seeker (who don’t know about the infamous French Cuisine), also known as art sanctuary with art-centres all over the city.


  1. Yellowstone National Park, United States

Yellowstone National Park, as the highlight of US, stretch over Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. The park gives magnificent sight to behold in the edge of summer and early autumn, with warm temperatures, you can picnics or hike more comfortably. They also have a Junior Ranger Program, for your kids to experience the wild and identifying animals, and compete to get a badge. Very suitable for family trip.


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