May, a month when you won’t feel the chill of winter and the summer fragrant scattered in the air. T-Shirts and shirst will be a all over the place, with endless sunlight flaring from the sky. Warm  starry night will fill your holiday with romance. It’s not a high season yet, so you can avoid traffic and ‘peak season’ prices and overcrowded beach.

Wonderful Place in early summer in Europe

Now, the main problem is, where is the best place to travel in May? From historical sites in greece to a Inca Trail in Peru, here some recommendations for your sweet holiday:

  • Beautiful islands in Greece

Greece is one of the many places in the world that filled with various ancient ruins, fishing villages, beaches, and ancient cities. There is one so unique that you’ll regret if you miss this place. Dodecanese islands, or known as Rhodes islands, are a chian of tweleve large island with the little ones scattered all around its perimeter.

There are volcanic island of Nisyros, a paradise of arts, Symi, that has Michelin stars and only half an a hour from Turkey. Not to mention, Patmos with extraordinary Byzantine architecture, or you can also island hop to Calypso and Kastellorizo near it.


Don’t you forget about the legendary island of Crete in the eastern part of Mediterranean sea. A great place to avoid crowds, with fairly price hotel, with enchanting evening, suitable for a honeymoon trip. This island, is one of the place in Greece that offers you a rich culture, with Chania the old town, Arkadi Monastery, and Knossos and Phaistos the Minoan Palaces.

  • Tuscany and Florence

Italy, the one country that known for its historical sites and cuisines, and Tuscany is surely one of them. This palce crammed with varioys country houses, world heritage sites, and ancient cities. Florence, this region’s capital will devour you with its sundress and gelato. You’ll feel the ancient yet enchanting vibe of this city, all along with the foods that undoubtly make you forget your diet program.

Tuscany nature
  • Malta

Located Sicily and north African coast, in the middle of mediterranean sea, Malta provide just the right amount of European and African taste, while maintaining its own culture and identity. This archipelago are warm in May, so you can freely explore the hidden coves , turquoise lagoons, not to mention its ancient ruins and beautiful fishing villages. You can also spoil your tummy with Mediterranean food in Valetta, Malta’s capital, the smallest capital in Europe.

Turquoise lagoons
Turquoise lagoons

Stunning May in South America

Beatiful scenery and mysterious ancient ruins are not only found in Europe, but also far to the southern hemisphere, in South America. This region have its own specialities and unique sites that you must visit on your holiday.

  • Exploring the Magnificent Inca Trail in Peru

As the Southern Hemisphere is at its peak of autumn in May, makes this month less crowded than the other three. But, don’t you worry, in Machu Picchu, Peru, lush green color still can be found in the valleys, but it’s not a wet season, because the rainy time just ended, resluting in dry, cold, yet beautiful scenery in this place.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu “Lost City of Incas”

You can hike the Inca Trail to behold the legendaru “Lost City of Incas”, but due to its popularity, you have to plan ahead for this trip, because its only 500 people allowed to take this course. Also, you need to prepare yourself because you’ll walk over 42 km and sleeps at 3000 mdpl height for roughly four days. But, there are only few place in the whole world can match the beautiful sight of misty ruin at dawn.

  • The Friendly Nation, Ecuador

As the tiniest Andean country, Equador is packed with various stunning scenery. Located betwen Peru and Colombia, this nation holds imppresive historical legacy, astonishing biodiversity, various colonial architecture, and higland markets, making it one of the friendliest country in the world.

Salinas beach

Salinas is the westernmost city in Ecuador, sitting on the Pacific Ocean, which makes it popular with surfers and yachters. Ecuador’s most popular beach resort city offers some great beaches. It is known as Little Miami Beach because of its high-rise condominiums dotting the shoreline. It also is home to La Chocolatera, which has nothing to do with chocolate, but is a beach where turtles lay their eggs, which means tourists need permission to enter. The best time to enjoy Salinas is December, early January. On summer weekends it gets unbearably packed, while from April to November it can be overcast and dreary.

  • Argentina, the edge of the world

Filled with so many natural wonders, Argentina has a great deal of terrain diversities. It has verdant flatlands in Pampas, Patagonia savanna, Litoral werlands, and Andead plateaux in Tierra del Fuego. At the fist glance, maybe Argentina look less “exotic” than other Latin Countries, but, all of their stunning sites will tell you how magnificent this land is.

Lagunas altiplano

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